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Rules & Regulations

Leave Application Rules & Regulations

  • Every student must be present on the reopening day after each vacation.
  • The school insists on regular attendance and punctuality. If a student wants to take leave, he/she should send a leave application, with the signature of the guardian, stating the reason for his/her absence.
  • The name of the student who remains absent without a leave application for one week will be struck off the rolls.
  • No student can leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal, which may be granted under exceptional circumstances, on the written request of the parents.
  • All entries of absence, late coming or half-day leave should be made in the diary and not on sheets or scrap paper.

Labotary Rules & Regulations

The school has well equipped laboratories to facilitate experimental work for various branches of science.

  • Equipment for use in the lab will be issued to the students as per rules laid down by the school.
  • No equipment is to be taken out of the laboratory without written permission.
  • Any damage to the equipment during the pratical lesson will be borne by students.
  • All the articals issued from the laboratories must be returned before the commencement of the annual examination and clearance certificate obtained from the science teachers to enable the students to appear in the annual examination

Library Rules & Regulations

  • Books will be issued and returned as per rules framed by the school.
  • Books will be issued for a definite period of time.
  • Only one book may be issued at a time.
  • A fine of rs.1/- per book will be charged daily till the book is returned.
  • Students should point out any damage in the books before getting them issued in his/her name, otherwise he/she will be charged for the damage.
  • Tearing, writing, scribbling or folding the corner of the pages of books will be considered as damage done to the books.
  • Students losing books, or damaging them will be asked to pay the cost of the books or replace them.
  • All the library books issued to the students must be returned before the commencement of the annual examinations and clearance slips obtained from the library to appear in the examination.